BIO-SPEAR (Si-Quat) Antimicrobial Biostatic Surface Protectant (275 Gallons)



BIO-SPEAR (Si-Quat) Antimicrobial Biostatic Surface Protectant is an EPA-registered microbiostatic agent designed to help protect a variety of surfaces from the colonization of bacteria, mold and mildew. 275-Gallons will cover up to 550,000 square feet at an estimated cost between $0.023 to $0.030 per square foot*.

  • LASTING EFFECT. A water based formulation for any clean porous or non-porous surface. Once dried, it is non-leaching, non-gassing, non-toxic and only applied every 60-90 days or as needed. BioSpear will effectively guard against a wide variety of microbial contaminants with its microbiostatic barrier.
  • ROUND THE CLOCK PROTECTION. Protects against germs everyday with a durable 24/7 biostatic barrier. Designed for every application and are safe to quickly and easily protect you and your loved ones in any environment round the clock, not just while you are cleaning
  • HOW IT WORKS. When it dries, the active ingredient forms an odorless, colorless, positively charged polymer that forms a covalent bond to either hard or soft surfaces. Its powerful antimicrobial then eliminates micro-organism in contact with the treated surface
  • WHERE TO USE. Use it at home, nurseries, schools, churches, hospitals, commercial and manufacturing workplaces. Can also be used in kitchens on surfaces with no direct contact with food preparation, bathrooms, living areas, chairs, tables, clothing and fabrics
  • EPA REGISTERED. BioSpear is a brand of sanitizers that is revolutionizing the way we clean and sanitize. BioSpear’s range of products are designed for every application and are safe and effective in virtually any environment. Made in USA and EPA registered.

*Cost per square foot (SF) assumes application efficiency range of 1500 to 2000 SF per gallon.

Brochure & Safety Data Sheet (see links below)

BioSpear Antimicrobial Surface Protectant Brochure

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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